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I have just finished a major part of my research.I have found that about 90% of the reports and sightings can be linked to the Appalachian trail and the outer plateau.The trail runs from Maine to Alabama.I have done the research on the counties in and around the trail and the blue ridge mountains.Although the sightings and reports seem to be concentrated along the trail and the blue ridge mountains there are also reports along the coastal plain also.While doing the research I found out a lot of interesting lore about these creatures.I think that our answer will be found in the Indian lore and artifacts of the tribes of the US and Canada.According to the research that has been done over the years these creatures have been predominantly mentioned in the Indian lore for thousands of years,even before the white man settled this nation.There are numerous accounts and pictographs of these creatures through out the Indian lore dating back hundreds of years.Although it may not be documented in the way that science may want it to be it is still out there if you do the research.There are stories of these creatures taking children and women,livestock and salmon from the drying racks that the tribes used to cure their meat on.They would take some of the salmon almost as if they didn't want anyone to notice.I am amazed at some of the stories that I have found while doing this research.Although I have written about some of these stories already I can't help but be fascinated by them.Because you do the research on one then you find another and another.The Indian lore is rich with these stories.Science may say that they are only stories,but fact is that a lot of the so called stories have led to the discovery of new species.I am one that cannot deny the facts and the fact is that for thousands of years and in many areas of tribal lore these creatures are there.As a matter of fact in every Indian culture these creatures are mentioned and as for me I can't deny that.I am starting another area of research the will be dealing with the trail of tears and the lore surrounding it also.

If you do the research and really look into it, most sightings on the east coast from Maine to Alabama occur on or near the Applachian Trail. I have found that there are many sightings or reports also on the outer plateaus. There are also many stories to do with the indian lore regarding sasquatch. There is one in particular that really caught my attention and that is supposedly the sasquatch followed the migration of the indian people along the trail of tears as if to be there protector. That is another area of interest for me if you do that part of the research you will also find that there are sighting and reports along the trail of tears also. The whole thing is amazing and can be proven if you do the research.

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